Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Then, everyone would know [we're] not real

A (primarily unconscious) conflict for a musician is that of self-expression versus self-projection. That is, expression can take the mental action of a singular isolated mark that will create its own context. Projection would be the idea of no deliberate stand-alone mark is needed; the Will will fuse in union with the intention of marking without separation, delineation or explicitness. However, in human psychofunction a person must decide to express, or project, which causes a negative and contrary state to the fundamental methods of expression and projection. Self, then expression, self, then projection. Therefore self-expression/self-projection are an inverted state of expression and projection. Music played is either a device of self-expression, an expansion of the being to something "Outside" himself, or it is an "Object" that the mind will project onto and be reflected from. The more conceptual the genre, the more rhetorically dense and rule-driven it is, the more self-projective the musicians will be. Traditional music forms have very few conceptual structures and are played with more self-expressive means. These players have "soul" and posses more credibility.

Elijah James

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